What happens if I do not renew my domain and hosting?

30-days before your domain(s) expires Datacraft Systems will send notices reminding you to renew them.
Another notification will be sent 2 weeks before expiry and the last notification will be sent 1 week before expiry.
If we have your contact number on file, we will also give you a call approximately 3 days before expiry.

If the domain expires it will be maintained in the registry database for 30-day grace period during which it can still be renewed at the normal rate.

After the grace period your website and files will be deleted from the server and domain will be deactivated and placed into a 60-day Redemption Period.
During this period domain renewal can be done at a fee of $80 and hosting will attract an extra charge of $70 if you want to recover your data.

Once the Redemption Period has elapsed the domain may be registered by another party. Be sure to renew your domains before they enter redemption status to avoid extra cost or losing your domain.

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